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My daughter and I have both been treated by Dr. Jens, and it would not be hyperbole to say that he has changed our lives. My daughter had a sugar sensitivity that caused a narcotic level response in her (personality change, etc.). One visit to Dr. Jens and she is able to enjoy treats with her friends again.

Walnut CreekCA

I wish I could give them 10 stars! They truly know what they are doing. Dr. Jens and team have your best interest and will take the time to really help whatever needs you have.

Jillian FeulnerLivermore, CA

Great acupuncturist and diagnostician who cares about my aches and pains. I have digestive problems and allergies. I have found that his treatments are customized for my needs. I have been to acupuncturists before seeing Dr. Jens Maassen, he is the most gentle. I appreciate that he has two locations

Marg MLafayette, CA

Jens' work is amazing. After that session my shoulders and arms felt great. I was relaxed and felt strong at the same time. I felt good energetically. It's amazing to have energy flowing through the body because usually I don't have a sense of that. Thanks Jens. He's the guy to go to in the Tri-Valley for acupuncture, and not only for his work but he's also a great guy!

Chris cDublin, CA

I've always know that Jens is talented and he's helped every family member of ours at some point in the last 5 years... but today was a day I will always remember, I can eat again! The amazing Jens Maassen is helping my 9 month old through a variety of food intolerances.

This week I was able to sit in his lovely office, and enjoy a rare and serene moment of my baby boy sleeping on my chest, while his body learns to reverse it's hate towards eggs and chicken. Because of Jens' I was able to SLEEP again!

It's been a long 5 months since I've slept well, but I'm not looking back, only forward. Hunter & I will continue NAET treatments for his intolerances until his tiny body is cleared of all things that make him restless. Next on the list Chloraphyl, then dairy, and lastly beef.

As a breastfeeding mama I sure do miss being able to eat out, and as a 9mo baby boy my son is finally finding a sleep pattern without being restless.

Jenifer P.Livermore, CA

Dr. Jens is so amazing and changed my life forever! He is extremely caring and makes sure you feel comfortable and listened to. If you have any pain, stomach issues, allergy problems, or hormonal problems, go to Dr. Jens. You will not be sorry!

I had chronic pain for over 6 years and doctors told me the pain could last for a lifetime. 3 months of spread out acupuncture, and my pain is gone! I also had terrible stomach problems causing me to throw up daily for years, and doctors told me nothing was wrong with me. The first session, Dr. Jens spent over an hour listening to everything that was wrong with me, and was able to diagnose that I had severe allergies to sugar, fish, fish oil, and fruit. He has "reintroduced" my body to all of these things and I am officially not allergic to any of the above and haven't thrown up in months! He also gave me some amazing herbs for hormonal issues such as pms and my emotional well being is stable and I am not crazy anymore!

My quality of life is So different, and I have hope that "living normal" is possible. Thanks Dr.!!

Dan TsunekawaLivermore, CA

Jens has helped me with multiple health issues, and I've done acupuncture as well as allergy treatments. He always listens, and then explains treatments thoroughly. He never does a treatment unnecessarily, and appointments are available at an array of times. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Carolyn C.Livermore, CA

I have been dealing with Jens for several years. He is kind and amazing. I have recommended him to may folks, many stemming from random conversations with strangers. I can't imagine having gone through menopause with out his assistance. He is very genuine, and the staff in the office mirror that kindness. Thank You Jens!

Cynthia G.Oakland, CA

I developed SEVERE seasonal allergies after moving to Livermore 15 years ago. By severe, I mean hives and difficulty breathing even with taking antihistamines. Add to that, 3 years ago, developing multiple food allergies, including nuts, seemingly out of the blue. These are foods that I had eaten regularly since childhood. My allergist called it Oral Allergy Syndrome. Her best suggestion was daily antihistamine and emergency epi-pen. I was not satisfied with that answer and began my own research with an open mind. Enter NAET treatments with Dr. Jens at Advance Acupuncture.

Today (after 5 treatments), I feel like I can say I am cured of my food allergies/sensitivities and seasonal grass allergy. I haven't taken antihistamines in several weeks now (since treatment). I have greatly enjoyed re-introducing foods that previously caused oral swelling and mouth itchiness. Yes, I am even eating nuts again! Not a single symptom. And I LOVE going out to restaurants again without fear of a severe allergic reaction. But, what I am most enjoying is the freedom to play outside with my kids this spring and gardening without itching, hives, facial swelling and difficulty breathing. My kids are loving it too and I am so grateful to Dr. Jens for giving that to me.

Dr. Jens and the front office staff have always been friendly and warm. The office is clean and comfortable. The NAET treatments are painless and relaxing. I recommend Dr. Jens to all my friends and family and will be seeing him again to treat my remaining allergies.

Kimberly M.Livermore, CA

I tried everything conventional medicine had to offer and did not get better. I had Pain in my hands from overuse, for 6 YEARS. I thought that is was low risk to try acupuncture. I am so glad I took the chance. I see Dr. Jens. The improvement is astounding! It was also surprising to me because it was painless, and incredibly relaxing.

For Westerners is is kind of baffling to think that a few tiny tiny needles could change your life, but the treatment I have had in my 6 visits to date have changed mine. If you are on the fence I would suggest that you give it a try.

I would suggest that you leave plenty of time in your day. After placing the needles you rest comfortably for some time. I generally fall asleep or drift in a near sleep state I have been surprised at how much time goes by. I am sure if you had a time limit they would get you out on time, but I want the long sessions because they are so helpful.

A bit about insurance- mine allows 12 session in a year, it is covered at 100%.

I really like Dr. Jens. He is a smart, funny, kind, gentle person.

If you need stitches or a bone set go to a conventional Doctor. For medical conditions that have gone on for a while consider another way. I am glad I took the chance.

Kate R.Livermore, CA

Dr. Jens is amazing, informative and a great healer. They so kindly scrunched me in when my sciatica flared- up fiercely. By the next morning the pain was completely gone! He is the best acupuncturist I have ever been to.

If you have never been to an acupuncturist - go he is the one to see.

Bo O.Tracy, CA

Everyone in my family has seen Jens for one reason or another over the last few years and we have always met with success. The other night my daughter was in a great deal of pain with what thought was a pinched nerve in her shoulder. She couldn't move her arm! She's only 12 and taking ibuprofen long term just didn't seem like an ideal treatment for her (or anyone else for that matter) so I called Jens at 8pm and wonderful Vanessa answered and made an appointment for the next afternoon. Jens helped my daughter before with severe tendonitis so I knew this would be the way to go. After the appointment she said she felt better, then she woke up this morning with total mobility and zero pain!

I HIGHLY recommend Jens for whatever ails you.

Lizzy J.Livermore, CA

Hands down, Jens is just wonderful! Not only excellent at his acupuncture, he is also versed in Chinese medicine and nutrition. He personally has experience with Gerson Therapy, and I was just impressed he had even heard of it! He is truly a caring person and wants to help you improve your health and wellness.

What a nice change! No upselling here in this office, and you receive plenty of time and attention in your appointment.

Jens also offers NAET if you are seeking allergy relief. My husband has seen Jens and also my young son (age 3 for NAET).

I find Jens to be an amazing resource and can always count on feedback from him as I modify and improve my personal health & wellness plan. We are so lucky to have his Centre right here in Livermore!

Parking is easy with space in front of his office, or in front of the other residential buildings. I also find it easy to make appointments, and there isn't a huge back log where you have to wait.

Lauren D.Livermore, CA

I actually used YELP reviews to pick my acupuncturist! Jens is fantastic. I'm not a "new age" kind of person, but was dealing with some serious medical issues and thought, "what could it hurt"? Jens spent an hour and half with me going over my diagnosis, discussing his background, which is both western and eastern medicine. He discussed nutrition, allergies, and a myriad of other possible contributing factors that could be exacerabting my autoimmune reaction.

We did some allergy muscle tests...and I'm a skeptic by nature, but WOW. It was eye opening. We did a series of acupuncture as well. I was on medication at the time, so Jens was very honest in telling me we would really have no way of tellling if the acupuncture was helping or not. I appreciated his candor. I do believe it helped, as I'd been on the medication for close to 6 months with no change. When we added in the acupuncture, I was flare free and off the meds within a month.

Now, I have nothing to compare to this, but I do know people...and Jens is a good guy, very honest, very gentle. The facility is very relaxing and clean. I would have no problem recommending him to any of my family or friends!

Kris W.Livermore, CA

I feel as if all of the reviews are right on. I am so pleased that I have gone here. He spends time, listens and is helpful. Also I love his front desk staff she is friendly and helpful.

Stephanie F.Livermore, CA

sciatica free since 2009. only took 1 visit. Jens is the man.

Jeremiah C.San Marcos, CA

Jens, the owner, is amazing! He is gentle, explains everything, and is not pushy. He answers the phones, which is great so you don't have to deal with receptionists not knowing the answers to your questions. And when I happen to miss him and leave a message, he calls me back within hours. Also, he is the one that does the accupuncture, so you know you're not getting some new accupuncturist, fresh out of school.

Being a registered nurse, I was pretty sceptical of accupuncture, but western medicine wasn't helping me, so I figured I'd give it a try. I have had great results with Jens! His base of knowledge is impressive and he is not pushy with making appointments or buying herbs or supplements. Also, he explains everything and is very sanitary.

Jens is amazing and I would reccomend him to anyone. If you're not sure, like I was, you can call and he will give you a lot of information over the phone.

Kim R.San Ramon, CA

My experience with Jens started in desperation for my 1 year old....after dealing with "tummy" issues for the year and sleepless nights, I decided to do his allergy testing, which was recommended by a friend. We found multiple allergies and treated for them one at a time. The changes were AMAZING and took her from a sad, crabby, baby to a happy, thriving toddler. He was gentle and non-threatening throughout the whole process.

She was very comfortable with him and the whole process was painless for all (no needles used with the kids). Subsequently, we took my son in and had him treated as well with similar results and my husband was allergic to salt and getting treated has completely changed him. I love Jens because he is non-confrontational and truly just there to help improve your help. The visit cost is super reasonable and you truly have nothing to lose,

I know about 12 people who have gone there before and after me, all with the same results. Like my husband says, if this stuff didn't work, it would not have survived the ages.

Tara L.Livermore, CA

My experience at Advanced Acupuncture was great. Jens truly wants to help people with a holistic approach to medicine. He is very knowledgeable and very kind to his patients. I recommend people with any kind of ailments to make an appointment to determine what they can do for you since Jens treats a variety of ailments.

Martial Arts Academy, LLCLivermore, CA

On my first visit, Dr. Maassen spent over an hour with me gathering medical history and answering my questions. I've never had a care provider give me that much 1 on 1 attention. I've now been a patient for 8 months and always have a relaxing and therapeutic experience when I visit AAC. For those who are wondering, the needles are not painful at all. Give it a try!

Kelley Foulk-

Jens Massen with Advanced Acupuncture is the real deal. He is a true, intuitive and holistic healer. I had chronic digestive issues and he was so confident in my first visit that it was caused by food allergies. With both acupuncture and the NAET method, that he is very proficient with, I am completely healed. I am no more allergic to all the foods I was allergic to.

He takes his time in every session which is so rare in the medical system.

I rarely see a doctor except for my annuals. His wife Vanessa Massen at the front desk is so warm and friendly. A perfect combination for good health...

Praveena ChinthaluriA Google User

I brought my 11 year old son to see Jens for his headaches. My son suffered for about 2 years with headaches, I took him to his primary doctor who recommended a nuerologist who had a MRI done on him with then telling me that is was probably heriditary and wanted me to give him migraine medication. A friend recommended Jens and he did the NAET testing on him, which is allergy testing. My son had a sensitivity to calcium, which was causing the headaches. Jens did a treatment to reverse the allergy and my son has not had a headache since. He is so kind and I am so grateful to him for helping my son. My relatives have also been to see him and are very happy with the results.

A Google User-

I walked into Dr. Jens office with intense neck and lower back pain as a result of a car accident. I couldn’t turn my head, I couldn’t exercise, it hurt to sit at my desk at work and I wasn’t able to sleep. I had tried several other types of treatments in the past such as Chiropractic, Pain Relievers and Cortisone Injections with little relief.

After I left my first appointment with Jens I was already noticing a decrease in pain and I was able to start moving my neck again. I was amazed by the quick results and in just a couple of weeks I was back to my old self again.

Dr. Jens is genuine and he has a real passion for helping people. His knowledge and expertise is what helped me get my life back and I am incredibly thankful!

While I no longer need to see him for any neck or back pain, I now recommend him to friends and family that have pain or allergy concerns.

Kelly Wilson-

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